Cash For Junk Vehicles in Charlotte

Do you have a damaged vehicle that is no longer possible to use? Is it ruining the beauty of your property? Are you thinking of getting rid of your car but cannot find a buying service you can trust? If the answers are yes, ‘Junk Car Charlotte’ is your destination.

We are the most trustworthy and swift old vehicle buying service around the nation. The name may imply only Charlotte, but it does provide its services all around Charlotte, NC. We will pick up your vehicle for free and will take away your old, damaged, dented, scratched, smashed or even dead cars you are no longer using, and pay you topmost dollars for that! Sounds like everything you were looking for, right?

Try our Services:

We will send a tow truck to your property to bring your junk vehicle to our lot, when my driver shows up you will get paid instant cash.  In order to get started, first, you need to contact us, in 30 seconds or less you will be on your way to having your clunker removed off of your property.  When you are on the phone with one of our car buyers, we will ask you some basic questions about your car and these are questions that everyone should know.  Once you accept the offer we will get you in the system and our dispatcher will contact you within the hour to set you up with a pick up time.

The process:

To get our services you will need to go through a few very easy and simple procedures. If you have a car you want to be removed from your property, all you need to do is call them on their phone number, and that is 503-395-8659. You can also choose to do it over internet by filling their online form in the website:  They will immediately send a tow truck to your address, pay you the money and make your property junk vehicle free! All those vehicles sitting on your lawn will finally be gone.  You can also get a quote for your vehicle within 5 minutes by simply giving them some information about the vehicle model, its current condition, your name and address. It could not get any easier now, could it?

Why choose Us?

There is no reason you should not prefer Charlotte to the others to remove your old car.

  • We provide the fastest and most reliable service in car buying services around Charlotte, NC.
  • We help you get rid of unpleasant cars on your property that is nothing but an eyesore to you and to your neighbors.
  • We will give you the highest amount of dollars for your outdated vehicle.
  • All our services are free of cost.
  • We do the whole reprocessing of cars in the most environment friendly and legal way, leaving the Charlotte area an even better place to live.

Just give us a call and experience the best services that we offer, you will not regret a single moment with us.